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a live look outside. that is the san mateo bridge. a little haze in the air. christina loren will be along to talk about the weather on this monday, september 10th. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. the fire in richmond burned for hours and that smoke made thousands of people sick. today, we are learning what the air quality district is changing with regards to the fire at the chevron refinery. >> we have more with christie smith. >> reporter: good morning. this is the first time that all of the agencies looking into the chevron refinery fire are here under one roof at the air quality management district offices in san francisco. they are talking about what they found out so far. there are community groups represented here saying they want a clearer picture of what it is they are really breathing over in richmond. from the bay area air quality management district, they want that information particularly after a massive fire. it is standing-room only with each agency, including the safety board and chevron represente
outside at fremont. that reminds us that ms. christina loren will be along for our late-morning a.m. ride to take a look at the weather forecast coming up. you're watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. and it was a solemn morning and still is in the north bay as officers from all around the country gather to pay tribute to one of their own. >> the memorial service is being held at this hour for chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died after being shot by a man during a traffic stop last week near alamo. christie smith is live in vacaville outside the mission church where hundreds of people are paying their respects. quite the crowd. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. really a somber day here in vacaville. lots of tears and hugs. i want to step aside so you can see what's going on behind me. this is actually the overflow crowd, people who couldn't fit inside. fellow officers trying hard to support each other. and really make this a celebration for officer kenyon youngstrom. the service still under way right
. the temperatures, christina loren, tells us continue to go up and up. we'll have details coming up. you are watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. people don't usually celebrate the opening of a new pedestrian bridge. this is different. this stretches over where a toddler was killed. we have the latest with what is an emotional ribbon cutting. dami damian, you see this coming full circle. >> reporter: people ask why this wasn't built before the tragedy in 2005. dozens of people cut across the railroad tracks to go home or to the strip malls. here is what brought it out today. back in 2005, alexander agulair was crossing his baby sitter across the tracks and he was hit and killed. today, a pedestrian bridge will open across monterrey road near blossom hill road. in memory of the boy, the bridge will be known as xander's crossing. >> this is huge. this is a long time coming and it's finally here. you know, just can't be happy. happy enough for all the people from this city that came together and built this bridge in the
meteorologist christina loren is here now with a look at what we can expect for the rest of the day. that cloud cover was awfully impressive. >> you had some showers come down over your head earlier, marla. that activity ramped up as we have the past couple hours very, very active weather across the bay area. at this point we're getting a bit of a lull in terms of your thunderstorms. i want to zoom in and show you where the action is right now, mostly concentrated south of the golden gate bridge. however, san francisco has had some light shower activity as well. now, you're looking for the red on this radar. that's where we're seeing these embedded thunderstorms. some of them rather strong, producing pea-sized hail, frequent lightning and heavy downpours. they're brief heavy downpours, but certainly dangerous if you're going to be out and about commuting. you want to make sure you take it easy on the roadways. what i can tell you is we are not going to be out of the woods for another 24 hours. so we'll take you through that forecast, let you know who's going to get the most precipitation and wh
of sunol. christina loren says we are into fall, but it will be a nice, warm week. you are watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. we start with a shocker. a south bay elementary school principal is about to appear in court for drugs. >> this is as students are returning to class. we have bob redell outside the courthouse in palo alto. back, what is the reaction? >> reporter: good morning, m3bÑa and jon. the principal has such a good reputation, people thought it was a joke. the court hearing is scheduled at 1:30 here in downtown san jose. that is when the prosecutor could formally charge eric dean lewis. the principal was arrested on thursday night for allegedly trying to sell drugs to an undercover agent at a caltrain station in san francisco. police found a quarter ounce of methamphetamine. the investigators also searched his office at montague where they seized his computer and other documents and information. this was the first morning back to school since word came of the arrest. parents and the district is surprised esp
? a hazy start. we will check in with christina loren with the forecast for today. you are watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. marla is off today. >> i'm jon kelley. it is a crash that changed one family's life forever and a push to change the law. >> that family is praising lawmakers and the governor for creating tougher restricts for party buses. we have christie smith who spoke with the family about the reaction to the new law. >> reporter: good morning, laura. doug and linda studebaker wrapped up the press conference. their 19-year-old son was killed after partying on a party bus. today, they are celebrating preside the fact that governor jerry brown signed the bill into law. it is called the brett studebaker law. he was three times the legal limit in 2010. the bill now requires that party bus operators ask the person making the reservation if alcohol will be served and if anyone is under 21. they also have to check identification. none of this was required on the night that brett went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. >> i feel h
, a live look outside over foster city. christina loren will be along to tell you about a very warm forecast that is coming up. you are watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. this just in to the newsroom, a surprising change of course for the concord teen charged in the crash that killed a father and daughter. >> we have jodi hernandez who got out of the courtroom. >> reporter: the teenager struck and killed the father and daughter along the sidewalk last april. changed his plea to guilty. the victims' family walked out of the courtroom in tears after hearing the teenager admit for the first time that he was driving 72 miles in hour in a 45-mile-an-hour zone hitting and killing the man and his 5-year-old daughter. the teenager pleaded guilty this morning to two counts of manslaughter with gross negligence and one count of reckless driving. his attorney told the court he has written numerous apology letters that the attorney has been holding on to. the teenager tried to get up and apologize in the courtroo
us now here in charlotte to talk about all this, david drucker, reporter for "roll call." christina bellantoy, pbs news hour, and lauren ashburn, editor-in-chief of daily download, a web site where i'm contributor. lauren, you were in tampa, was clint eastwood's performance so, shall we say, unusual, that it warranted this tidal wave of media chatter and analysis? >> duh, right? i immediately tweeted out watching this crazy performance, this as some said, bizarre-o performance, that the rnc is going to regret it. they're going to regret it because you all of the hot air is going to be spent on clint eastwood, as it was. it took away from the romney message. i remember sitting there in the hall thinking, what? what's going on? like -- what? like a chair? you know, and i mean, i -- shocking. >> it was incoherent. >> he was mumbling. i couldn't hear him in the hall. >> we talked about the media coverage. yesterday was the final day after the convention. "washington post," front page story, clint eastwood. not the mitt romney speech. ago, ""politico,"" not making this up, i counted 17 h
of media in her face. >> just a little more space for my family, please. >> reporter: anna christina, the so-called soccer mom madam won't be donning a prison jumpsuit anytime soon. after months of maintaining her innocence, in the end she succumbed to one word, pleading to just one charge. legal expert john kelly. >> victimless crime. >> reporter: christina was arrested back in february. the image of an ordinary suburban mom. but what she was accused of was anything but ordinary. prosecutors claim the 44-year-old was running a high-class prostitution ring out of this modest upper east side apartment building. in a jail house interview, christina and her lawyers told matt she was just trying to start a dating service. >> i watched a show called the millionaire matchmaker. a friend of mine had suggested, you know, you would be really good at it. so i had looked into opening up something called, you know, the same thing, except instead of single, it was married and seeking. >> married men looking for someone to have dinner with? >> very much like >> reporter: prosecutors say
to christina loren. strong thunderstorms rolling through the bay area the last few hours. how is it looking right now? >> completely, completely dry. >> wow! really? >> do you know what i mean? it's like mother nature waited for show to start and turned off the water works! it's all right. we are happy about that and no longer are we dealing with elevated fire danger and the red flag warning has been canceled. canceled earlier this morning. you can see from the live picture we do have some beautiful cloud formations left over from that tropical moisture still in place and still a little muggy out there. showers pushing into the central valley. the radar, though, nice and dry at this point. throughout the day today, sunny about everywhere. showers continue to exit and then by tomorrow morning, we will wake up a full deck of clouds. we are back to our seasonal pattern and onshore flow in the morning and won't feel as muggy but temperatures in the 90s and point that out. we got a big-time cooldown in store for you this weekend. we are close to the weekend and help you make those plans. yeah. m
and christina olague and a couple of people are looking for ways to create this without legally in our city. a lot of the weather community has not been -- leather community has not been outreached. commissioner joseph: who would speak to that? >> the people who were to that. -- wrote to that. president newlin: this is a recommendation of new items. commissioner hyde: -- this has been brought up to me. president newlin: we will coordinate with staff. we had the sound guy earlier. we should have ran it by him. we could have had him for free. ok. if there is nothing else, we will conclude today, august 7 meeting of the entertainment commission. thank you, everyone for coming and participating. >> welcome to city hall. thank you for joining us. thank you for coming out. i want to thank members of the board of supervisors. i want to thank them for being here in this joint recognition of our commissioners and members of 14 different bodies that will be appointed today to committees and commissions. i want to thank all the friends and family for joining us. let me say how excited i am this past w
presidenta christina fernÁndez. >>> se prohiben publicar fotografÍ >>> un patrullero fronterizo muerto por una fallida operaciÓn de contrabando, dijeron que no ib a a descansar por el responsable de esa muerte, fueron hasta tucson para recaudar fondos para la fundaciÓn creada en su honor, cuando una estaciÓn de la patrulla fronteriza cambia de nombre en honor del agente. >>> un alto mando de la policÍa mexicana dio a conocer un balance sobre el ataque contra dos agentes de la cia el mes pasado, la policÍa federal indicÓ que hay 12 policÍas bajo custodia y 51 interrogados, indicÓ que habrÁn sanciones y se siguen los parÁmetros de la procuradurÍa. >>> la mafia mexicana ya no es solamente mexicana, datos oficiales muestran que sus operaciones se salieron de sus fronteras para ir a otros lugares desde la capital de mÉxico, jaime garcÍa nos muestra como los carteles se han vuelto internacionales. >>> los tentÁculos operativos de los 8 carteles mexicanos mÁs grandes de las drogas se han escondido mÁs alla de mÉxico y el principal consumidor del mundo los estados unidos. >>> 3 de
battle with christina. who won the night? >> britney taking off the gloves. >> i think you need to practice a little bit more. >> but, can she beat her former pop star rival? >>> plus, who's the better judge? and which diva has the better wardrobe? >> christina is a little bit out there. >>> regis philbin's first interview about michael strahan taking his job. >> here's my advice to him -- >> candid. reflective. find out what he rally thinks. >> he said, i want your job. >> the new show -- kelly and michael. >>> "all in the family" star arrested. the mug shot. we'll tell you why. >>> plus, a "newsroom's" star's accidental topless tweet. the fallout today. as we take a closer look
hay caras para la comparaciÓn en cuanto a los mensajes dirigidos al electorado christina londoÑo nos amplÍa. >> juan figueroa no ha dejado de trabajar para ver las convenciones, pero igual que ella han estado al tanto de todo. >> lo seguimos a travÉs de las noticias, estamos al pendiente de las noticias locales de lo que estÁ pasando como demÓcrata no la convenciÓ la promesa de n ann romney que podrÍa salvar la economÍa. >> dice que no tiene la paciencia que pidiÓ michelle obama para que la estrategia de frutos. >> no podemos hacer nada estamos entre la espada y la pared. >> no niega que ha sufrido muchas angustias y juan como mÚltiples pequeÑos negocios han tenido que cerrar sus puertas pero ambos tienen visiones distintas sobre el tema clave de la elecciÓn. >> les podrÁn decir muchas cosas que estÁn mejor que hace 4 aÑos dijo paul ryan. >> ¿estÁn mejor que hace 4 aÑos dice el presidente clinton? >> sÍ, hay momentos en donde se siente ahorcado. >> juan dice en cambio que estÁ mal y amenaza con empeorar. >> la cantidad impuestos que estÁn escondidos y los costos
all the services our mta has. thank you, christina, for stepping up. [applause] as we move into the times when we want more people to come in, we want development to create jobs, we need to make sure we appropriately plan all areas of the city. i want to thank these two gentlemen for stepping up to come and spend hours of their personal time helping us with the planning of the city. michael, thank you for returning and stepping forward for the planning commission. richard, thank you very much for stepping up as well. some say the most voluble land we have -- valuable land we have for people to live and enjoy is the waterfront. i want to thank our newest commissioner to the port commission, william adams. thank you, william, for stepping up. [applause] we have a very important task in front of us for this november. we have a very important bond i think most people in the city know will be invaluable to us for our kids and families. that is the open spaces part bond proposition b for this year. we also have a cherished commission and department that is charged with maintainin
is on christina's team. take a look. ♪ it may be quite simple but now that it's done i hope you don't mind i hope you don't mind that i put down the words ♪ ♪ how wonderful life is when you're in the world ♪ >> oh, nobody picked him? >> yeah. no. no. christina picked him. christina ended up getting him but c cee lo, too. >> how about julio sang a song and this is "la bamba." >> this i heard was great. >> take a listen. [ singing in spanish ] ♪ >> cee lo and blake turned around, ended up going with blake. which is an interesting match, don't you think? >> yes. this is just the beginning, right? >> the beginning. going to go on and on and on. >> okay, good. what else is going on, hoda woman? you think you've heard it all. but this is very disturbing, i think. this is a -- it's called a twisted grip. it's a dance and fitness studio in vancouver, and it's offering now pole dancing classes for kids. they're called little spinners. and they are offering it to kids as young as five years old. >> i guess what's happening is the kids are watching their moms do these pole dancing classes, they are
. charles. >> i prefer charlie. >> ok, charlie. christina. good. a.j. and sue an -- susan and david. welcome, welcome, welcome. thank you all very much for being here. this is a focus group. and i'm delighted to have all of you here. what we are going to do is talk about the 2012 election. this is being done for the annenberg center for public policy at the university of pennsylvania. my name is peter hart and i have been doing these sessions for the university of pennsylvania and center for public policy for about 12 years now. they are only meant to be a discussion. it's meant to take a look at the election. we have had several of these already. we had one in milwaukee a couple -- a month ago. we have had them in ohio. we have had them all across the nation. and i figured as we are getting close to the end, christina, what would be a better place than virginia. can you think of a better place? i can't think of a better place, either. so that's the purpose and that's what it is. we'll just start talking and go through things. let me just say there aren't any right answers or wrong answers a
that water coming down river. i nt to bring in christina garcia. we have seen people come by all day checking the river conditions but you have been doing something very specific. would you mind showing us what you are doing. >> concerned resident. i have been counting up the feet from where we started off the edge of the landing all the way up. when i first started it was like 14. now i'm down to like probably ten. >> reporter: i don't know if you can hear this but she has been coming by. she has come by several times. >> i started. like i said it was 15 feet when i first started. it is starting to come up slowly. there is some concern. we are trying to take all precautions. >> reporter: of all the people we have seen come by today we have noticed you doing this. your home is nearby? >> it is right around the corner. concerned that it will be flooded. >> reporter: christina is not alone there. a lot of people in this situation on the low lying areas by this river we expect to see some three feet of water before the day is done probably in the next 24 hours. so there is water coming, rising s
: washington is undergoing its own urban crisis. it's a very troubled city. woman: christina has been doing paperwork for the past 2 1/2 hours. she only left the corcoran about five minutes ago. so all the paperwork was not processed. this is really hypocritical, you know. nafta means open markets and closed borders. and especially for mexico. and it's such a paradox. the mold for the corpse of the last immigrant to be eaten on sunday at the corcoran atrium has been held in t department of agriculture in the atlanta airport for several days. and then in the customs department. you know, the last immigrant is now imprisoned in the customs department of the washington dulles airport. what does this mean? [ rooster crows ] sifuentes: the jell-o man is being cooked at the market on macomb. man: and on the seventh day, césar created man. jell-o man. woman: aztec jell-o man! then we are going to put this that way, and we are going to attach. okay. [ applauding ] [ rooster crows ] woman: everyone is welcome to participate in "the temple of confessions" regardless of race, ideology, religious cree
and neighborhood services. i'm shawn ellsberg, joined by christina olague. could you reese item one? >> hearing to consider issuance of type 40 license to the roxy at 3117, 16th street. >> thank you, mr. clerk. we are joined by inspector lazar. >> good morning, supervisors. >> your report. >> the applicant has filed for an application with the abc, seeking an original type 40 on the sale of beer for 33131716th street on the south side of 16th between albian and valencia streets. for the purposes of this hearing, the california department of alcoholic beverage control, abc, seeks a determination with the board of supervisors as to the approval or denial of this license. police calls for service for august 2011 to august 2012, 29 calls for service. police reports during that same time period, no record. this promise is in lot 413. the high crime area is defined as 215 or more reported incidents in a plot. this plot has 472 reported incidents recorded for 2010. this is over the high crime area definition by 257. the applicant premises is located in a high crime area. this premises located in the c
hear anything about it. to my knowledge, it is an idea and christina olague and a couple of people are looking for ways to create this without legally in our city. a lot of the weather community has not been -- leather community has not been outreached. commissioner joseph: who would speak to that? >> the people who were to that. -- wrote to that. president newlin: this is a recommendation of new items. commissioner hyde: -- this has been brought up to me. president newlin: we will coordinate with staff. we had the sound guy earlier. we should have ran it by him. we could have had him for free. ok. if there is nothing else, we will conclude today, august 7 meeting of the entertainment commission. thank you, everyone for coming and participating. but the anniversary of the great earthquake was remembered. >> i would like to ask for a minute of silence. >> let's have a moment of silence. >> they meet for the annual reflating ceremony. he was joined by winnie for an afternoon celebration. we are here to commemorate all that it signifies. at each anniversary the leaders meet to prepare
and goals. >> supervisor mar: this one is sponsoredfp christina ol!$ david campos and myself. we're hoping to have someone from?u?.u supervisor olague's office.wi5é let's see. so yeah i do see this. well ! i see -- okay. well on this item i would like tovss move that we continue itr september 24th. >> the clerk: mr. chair, we have to open#l1÷jv it up for public comment. >> chair mar: thank you. so let's open this up for publiclv comment. oh, supervisor olague is here. okay. so we just introducede no. 3, the housing preservation and production item, thejv dashboard -- >> supervisor olague: be requepu item because we need to talk to some of the organizations1sj'$ that have been working with us closely, and also with the planning department, to try toc+é3 reach more consensus among some of those items that are still a littleíh controversia >> chair mar: okay. thank you supervisor. >> supervisor olague: uh-huh. >> chair mar:p[cpz let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public comment that would
in this land and i hope you people you supervisors will get behind my supervisors, supervisor christina -- [inaudible] and her support er supervisor campos to help out. >> thank you speaker. next speaker. >> my name is paul -- [inaudible] hello again i didn't come to sing in the opera so i'm not going to be singing i apologize for that. um what do we do today? we approved over one billion dollars of bonds for the san francisco airport congratulations 2 billion dollars of debt wonderful what else did we do today? we developed properties all the redevelopment properties in san francisco are like now added to a commission that's basically sent to the office of the mayor. >> sir? sir? you cannot speak on this particular matter. >> excuse me -- i'm going on. >> the item is on the agenda sir and you are not able to speak on that item. >> it's finished. >> okay please continue. yes please continue. >> hello? all right so these types of we're are in the hundreds of billions of dollars already get added to what's going on in treasure island and hunter's point public property for private gain. n
are on the campaign trail. christina has been following all of the political action. >> after last week's republican national convention and with the democratic convention about to begin, both parties candidates are gearing up for the home stretch. running mates mitt romney and paul ryan both started the day in ohio. ryan cheered on his alma mater, miami university of ohio, as it opened its season. while romney addressed the nation's budget at a campaign rally. >> we're going to finally have to do something that republicans have spoken about for a long time and for a while we didn't do it when we had the lead we let people down. we need to make sure we don't lead them down this time. i will cut the deficit and get us on track to a balanced budget. >> president obama began his final week of campaigning by taking a swing at his opponent's proposals. >> they won't create jobs they won't cut our deficits and they won't strengthen our middle class. they are not a plan to move our country forward. >> the white house and g.o.p. addresses focused on two
engineering, we have christina from charleston salter and associates. she's done a comparative study. showing they are under 45 decibels. in the late night period, from 10:00 to 7 a.m. they are under 55 the rest of the day. the major complaint of the noise, again, it is not emanating from tacolicious. as far as being good neighbors, you couldn't ask for better neighbors than these people. they have worked with entire neighborhood. engaged as liaison. you will hear from the opposition and management team, joe hargrave and his partner, telmo feria. they have worked with everybody. anything that's come up they have worked with them. that is the bulk of information i wanted to impart with you this afternoon, thank you very much. i'm available for questions later on if you have any. >> we will go to public comment, pulling a couple cards. martin vargas. richard kirtopoto. raquel fox. whoever is ready. >> good afternoon, ra quel fox, i'm an attorney and here on behalf of residents on valencia street. while there is opposition to the project it is not as though the tenants want to close down tacolic
.s. consulate killings in libya have delayed their arrival to the region as violence rages on. >> christina reports that president obama says that those responsible for the killing will be brought to justice. >> anti-u.s. protests following the u.s. consulate killings and libya have spread across the globe. hundreds of people protested outside the u.s. consulate in sydney. fbi officials investigating the killings in been gauzy -- in benghazy have postponed the visit to libya until the violence subsides. protesters are raging over how an anti-islam film that this american filmmaker put out. he has been interviewed by authorities. in his weekly address, president obama promised to justice for those who killed u.s. ambassador to bolivia chris stevens and three other americans at the consulate. >> there's never any been ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans at the consulate. >> there's never any excuse for violence. so long as i am commander in chief, the united states will never tolerate efforts to harm our fellow americans. >> some say that tuesday's attack was planned.
. christina loren is here. time to stick those umbrellas back in the closet. >> we're pret acloty close to o rainy season, which is why it's unusual to have this kind of clarity in the city by the bay. i have to build it up because it's good. taking a look outside, a gorgeous shot, beautiful panoramic view over san francisco. we can't even find a cloud in the sky. a little hazy but we're looking good. take a look at this. >> wow. >> the golden gate bridge. on the bridge itself we have so many tourists out there enjoying the beautiful sunshine. a lot of people in town this weekend. lots happening around here. just two weekends of summertime left. right now we're in the upper 60s in livermore and concord, mid-60s in san francisco. you'll notice uniform conditions, and that's courtesy of offshore flow. that's going to keep our numbers this weekend nice except for some changes on sunday that we want to tell you about. stay tuned for that. >> i like the tease there. shots so clear. no clouds. you can see forever. >> you can see for more than three or four miles, which is amazing out there. >> bea
go bloop, bloop. >> jamming it up, too. >> come a long ways. let's check in with christina loren to find out what's happening outside. good morning. >>> hey, good morning to you. we've got a really good-looking day shaping up, clouds clearing the city by the bay. and we have some really good beach weather. you'll hold onto that for a couple days, then things dramatically change. want to start with this live picture. nice, clear conditions over san francisco this morning. san jose just as clear. we'll get to bob redell in just a moment. he's out there with some gymnasts. yeah, they've got their stunner shades on because it's so bright and sunny out there. as you head off, maybe you're heading out going shopping or something today, you want to grab your jacket, just as we head throughout this evening. temperatures are going to fall back into the 50s. what's happening is our days aren't as long as they were just a month ago. and so our mornings are cooler, our the evenings cooler as well. satellite imagery, nice and cloudy for pacifica all the way up to santa rosa. still getting the
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